R&E Grant Supports Cirone’s Research to Improve Local Food Systems

Making international comparatives between Italy and Canada – University of Bologna student, Francesco Cirone, is learning how to use GIS (graphic information systems) software to increase the efficiency of local food systems. Cirone plans to visit several local food markets throughout the Westman Region in Manitoba and, in working with Dion Wiseman at Brandon University, will create a map of local food supply systems with spatial analysis regarding food production, transportation and distribution.  The opportunity to conduct his research in Canada was made possible with support from the RPLC Research & Exchange Grant.

To learn more about Cione’s research contact: francesco.cirone@studio.unibo.it

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Maclean’s article looks at what’s killing rural Canada

Are you the type of person who views life as a glass half-full or a glass half-empty?  Every community can be viewed for its pro’s and con’s and forecasting the future of rural communities may depend on the lenses you choose to use. If you are like RPLC members, Bill Reimer and Sarah Breen, you would likely view rural communities as places with connectiveness and as areas for potential growth – utilizing a glass half-full approach.  Maclean’s recent article on “What’s killing rural Canada,” however, takes the opposite approach – a glass half-empty – in highlighting some of the potential downsides of small-town life.  At least this much is true – nobody has a perfect crystal ball in which to see the future but the need to pay attention to life in rural communities is undoubtedly an issue all Canadians should be focused on.

CLICK HERE to read Maclean’s article, “What’s killing rural Canada.”


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Transitioning to the New Rural Cannabis Economy

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Understanding Food Sovereignty and Policy Through a Community Lens: Food Systems in Rural and Indigenous Canada

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