Recent Article:The dos and don’ts of influencing policy: a systematic review of advice to academics

By: Kathryn Oliver  & Paul Cairney


Many academics have strong incentives to influence policymaking, but may not know where to start. We searched systematically for, and synthesised, the ‘how to’ advice in the academic peer-reviewed and grey literatures. We condense this advice into eight main recommendations: (1) Do high quality research; (2) make your research relevant and readable; (3) understand policy processes; (4) be accessible to policymakers: engage routinely, flexible, and humbly?Read More.

Rural Spark Podcast :Bridging the Digital Divide for Rural Canada

By: Wayne Kelly (RPLC Project Coordinator)

Wayne Kelly talked to Rural Spark about the urgent need for broadband Internet in rural Canada and what communities can do to help make it happen. New to the pod? Every week Helen Murphy, a rural newspaper editor and entrepreneur, invites guests to share fresh thinking, success stories and lessons learned.

Listen Here.

Recent Publication: Contributed by RPLC Members

Japanese Media at the Beginning of the 21st Century: Consuming the Past by Katsuyuki Hidaka (review)

By Ken Coates

Hidaka’s award-winning Japanese Media at the Beginning of the 21st Century is an important book, a personal translation of his 2014 study. It was selected as the Outstanding Book for 2015 by the Japan Communication Association, an appropriate recognition for an insightful study about the intersection of historical understanding and the representation of Japan’s postwar miracle in film and television. As described by Hidaka, the book was extremely well received at the time of publication in Japanese, selling well with the public and attracting critical acclaim.Read more >>

Other recent publications can be found at: http://rplc-capr.ca/february/

Recent Webinar Video: A Collaborative Approach to Recruitment and Retention of Registered Nurses in Rural Manitoba, Canada

In 2015, rural Manitoba communities were experiencing a shortage of Registered Nurses. Against a backdrop of finite capacity, the Rural Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) Registered Nurse (RN) Pilot responded by engaging key stakeholders, pooling resources, and crafting a collaborative response.The presentation will provide an overview of the Pilot, describe our collaborative process discuss the preliminary
findings of the evaluation, and highlight policy implications for future recruitment and retention initiatives.

Upcoming Rural Event: Rural Tourism Symposium

Rural Tourism Symposium: Redefining Success, April 11, 2019 Peterborough & the Kawarthas - ruraltourism.biz

Join Peterborough & the Kawarthas Tourism as we host rural tourism stakeholders, destination marketing organizations and tourism businesses from across Ontario for the second annual Rural Tourism Symposium, taking place this year at the Agriculture Heritage Building at Lang Pioneer Village Museum on Thursday April 11th.

This event is presented in partnership with Chatham-Kent Tourism. This event is also supported by Grey County Tourism, Simcoe County Tourism, Headwaters Tourism, Kawartha Lakes Tourism, and Kawarthas-Northumberland (RTO8). Click here for more information.

Policy Brief: By Natural Resource Development Network

Lessons on Farmland Preservation Near Growing Urban Regions from Oregon, USA

By: Laura Schreiner

Oregon has had notable success in protecting its agricultural lands from development using land use planning, and is often held up as a model in the North American context (Gosnell et al., 2011). Oregon’s experience is particularly interesting in the Willamette Valley, a small area which contains some of Oregon’s best agricultural land and the majority of its population.This policy brief describes lessons from Oregon’s land use policies and outcomes for farmland in the Willamette Valley which may be relevant in other regions where the pressure of population growth and development threatens loss of high quality agricultural land.


Report: Youth Engagement in Ethnocultural Organizations in Winnipeg: Contributed by MIRRA Network Members

Photo from Pixabay

The legacy document was written first to serve the immediate knowledge needs of the project’s community partner organization – Immigration Partnership Winnipeg (IPW), which is Winnipeg’s Local Immigration Partnership. Findings from the legacy document informed the successful creation of the Ethnocultural Council of Manitoba in June, 2018.The present report completes this research project by providing a more comprehensive account of the types of services, programs, and supports provided by Winnipeg’s ethnocultural community groups to meet the needs of immigrants and refugees.   READ MORE>

Emerging Rural Research: by Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation

Topic:Evaluating the Rural  Policy Learning Commons

By: Cameron Gunton | cameron_gunton@sfu.ca

Cameron will be performing an evaluation of the Rural Policy Learning Commons (RPLC), an international multi-disciplinary network of researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers focused on identifying and analyzing rural policy options, building collaborative partnerships, and disseminating information and knowledge.Cameron’s research will be guided by three primary research questions: 1) What have members of the RPLC learned about the value of creating partnerships? 2) How can project partnership lessons be transferred into the future to ensure a productive RPLC legacy? And 3) How has the RPLC project contributed to rural policy?

We encourage  you to connect with Cameron by sharing your knowledge, expressing an interest in this initiative, or connecting his initiative to other folks who could benefit or contribute.

Rural Development  Conference 2019- Announcement

Conference Date: 26-28 September, 2019 

We are delighted to invite you to participate already in the 9th International Scientific Conference Rural Development 2019: Research and Innovation for Bioeconomy.’ It has already become a biannual tradition to meet colleagues from all over the world here. In addition, we are pleased that this event has become a common area for international scientific interdisciplinary discussion on issues of rural development and innovations.CLICK HERE for further details.

Rural Routes Podcasts: New Episode-Social enterprise and community development

Social enterprises are increasingly a tool in the community development toolbox.

Using the excerpts from that event and the conversation in the studio with Dr. John Schouten, Canada Research Chair in Social Enterprise, and Kimberly Orren, director of Fishing for Success, this episode is your primer on the role social enterprises could play in rural development.

Visit episode for full details via this link: http://ruralroutespodcasts.com/?p=2180

Recent Book Chapter: Fairweather Friends? Canada–United States Environmental Relations in the Days of Trump and the Era of Climate Change

By:Stoett Peter


The Trump administration has certainly marked a radical departure in some (though not all) of the policy orientations familiar to observers of the U.S.–Canada relationship.An increasingly important question, then, is whether this relationship, on the whole cordial if viewed from within the limited prism of government-to-government relations, will become increasingly strained as climate change takes a greater physical, financial, and emotional toll on the continent.

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