RPLC Team List

The RPLC network contains hundreds of contacts across the globe.  Below are some key team-members who help coordinate RPLC activities and efforts.

General Inquiries: rplc-capr@brandonu.ca

Executive Committee
Bill Ashton (Project Director), AshtonW@brandonu.ca
Francesca Regoli, Francesca.regoli@unibo.it
Matteo Vittuari, matteo.vittuari@unibo.it
Ryan Gibson, gibsonr@uoguelph.ca 
Sean Markey, spmarkey@sfu.ca

Bill Ashton (Project Director) AshtonW@brandonu.ca
Wayne Kelly (Project Coordinator) KellyW@brandonu.ca
Marco Pagani (Liaison Officer-Evaluation) markpagani@gmail.com
Michael Blatherwick (Liaison Officer-Communications) BlatherwickM@brandonu.ca
Mesha Richard (Secretariat Support-Social Media) RichardM@brandonu.ca
Farheen Sajjad (Secretariat Officer) SajjadF@brandonu.ca
Munzaleen Sajjad (Webinar Coordinator) SajjadM@brandonu.ca

Rural Renewable Energy Network
Phil Loring (Lead) Phil.loring@usask.ca
Brent Steel (Co-Lead) Bsteel@oregonstate.edu
Matteo Vittuari (Co-Lead) matteo.vittuari@unibo.it
Michael Dawe (Student Support) Michael.dawe@usask.ca

Rural Governance Network
Kathleen Kevany (Lead) Kkevany@dal.ca
Matteo Vittuari (Co-Lead) matteo.vittuari@unibo.it
Sarah Minnes (Student Support) sminnes@grenfell.un.ca

Migration in Remote and Rural Areas Network
Ray Silvius (Lead) R.silvius@uwinnipeg.ca
Linamar Campos (Co-Lead & Student Support) LinamarCamposF@outlook.com
Belinda Leach (Co-Lead) Bleach@uoguelph.ca
Barbara Neis (Co-Lead) Bneis@mun.ca

Natural Resource Development Network
Terri MacDonald (Lead) Tmacdonald@selkirk.ca
Sarah-Patricia Breen (Co-Lead) sarahpatriciabreen@hotmail.com
Heather Hall (Co-Lead) H.hall@uwaterloo.ca
David Greaves (Student Support) Davidarthurgreaves@gmail.com

Transformations in Indigenous Communities
Mark Watson (Lead) Mark.k.watson@gmail.com
Elizabeth Fast (Co-Lead) Elizabeth.fast@concordia.ca
Alejandra Melina-Morse (Student Support) Amelianmorse@gmail.com

RPLC-CRRF Alliance Network
Valencia Gaspard (Lead) Gaspardv@uoguelph.ca
Angela Pollak (Co-Lead) Pollak@ualberta.ca
Sarah-Patricia Breen (Co-Lead) sarahpatriciabreen@hotmail.com

Rural Research Centre Network
Kathleen Kevany (Lead) Kkevany@dal.ca
Terri MacDonald (Co-Lead) Tmacdonald@selkirk.ca
Brennan Lowery (Student Support) Bclowery@mun.ca

Knowledge Mobilization Digital Service
Phil Loring (Co-Lead) Phil.loring@usask.ca
Bojan (Co-Lead) Bfurst@mun.ca
Michael Dawe (Student Support) Michael.dawe@usask.ca

Research & Exchange Service
Francesca Regoli (Co-Lead) Francesca.regoli@unibo.it
Fabio De Menna (Co-Lead) Fabio.demenna2@unibo.it

Distance Learning Service
Brent Steel (Lead) Bsteel@oregonstate.edu

Rural Institutes Service
Robert Zabawa (Co-Lead), rzabawa@tuskegee.edu
Thierno Thiam (Co-Lead), tthiam@tuskegee.edu