Governance Network

The Governance Network aims to facilitate, promote and enable connections for actors engaged in rural governance. This Network supports activities that further understanding and improvement in the formal and informal mechanisms and tools by which rural communities and regions organize themselves for economic, environmental, political and social-cultural objectives. The Governance Network helps to examine the implications of governance structures, processes, and policies that impact rural communities. More about this network can be found here.

Team Lead: Kathleen Kevany –        

Team Support: Sarah Minnes –

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Upcoming Funding Deadlines *Must be a Governance Network member to apply 

  • Conference/networking funding due January 31, 2018. The application can be found here.
  • Policy brief funding- Currently accepting possible topics for students to complete policy briefs about. Please provide Sarah Minnes with one paragraph (100 word max) by December 31, 2017, of a proposed policy brief topic to mobilize your current research/work

Interested in joining the Governance Network? Contact Sarah Minnes 

Twitter: @rplc_capr #RPLC_GOV

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Check out the Governance Network’s 2017/2018 work plan here.

The Governance Network has successfully funded the following: