Natural Resource Development

The Natural Resources Development Team is committed to exploring, understanding, and sharing knowledge around the  multitude of factors influencing the sustainable management of natural resources, particularly as it relates to the rural regions who rely so heavily upon these industries.

Our core areas of focus are:

  • Food & food security,
  • Climate change,
  • Rural communities, and
  • Industry and trade,

These areas of focus are considered alongside cross-cutting themes of land, water, energy, and governance & policy. We invite any and all participation from interested individuals and organizations.

Team Lead: Terri McDonald         

Team Support: Sarah Breen           

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Twitter: @rplc_capr #RPLC_NRD

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Natural Resource Development Team Work Plan

Meet Tara Lynn ClappNRD Team Policy Fellow

The NRD team has successfully funded the following:



  • Conference Support
    • Aashukan
      • Support for the two-day exchange hosted by the Crees of Northern Quebec, Canada
    • International Forum on Integrated Water Management
      • Support for NRD team member to attend and present
    • 2016 Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation Conference
      • Crossing streams: an interdisciplinary panel on rural water (recorded panel)
      • Feeding Ourselves: food systems management in rural regions (recorded panel)
      • Support for 5 NRD team members to attend and present
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