Category: Distance Learning

Distance learning is a critical dimension of the RPLC since it promises to alleviate the challenges of both international comparisons and the remoteness of rural and northern people. For this reason we will explore, evaluate, and develop distance learning techniques and modules for engaging network members, policy decision-makers, and practitioners. As with the Institutes we will seek options for accreditation of successful student and professional participants.


Team Lead:

Brent Steel –


Team Backup:

Greg Halseth –


Team Members:

Ray Bollman
James Breen University College Dublin
Ken Carter Rural Secretariat at Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
Ken Coates University of Saskatchewan
Philomena deLima UHI Centre for Remote and Rural Studies
Ryan Gibson Saint Mary’s University
Greg Halseth University of Northern British Columbia
Bonnie Jeffery University of Regina
Tom Johnson University of Missouri
Philipp Kneis Oregon State University
Patrice Leblanc Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Terri MacDonald Selkirk College
William Meyers University of Missouri
Norman Ragetlie Rural Ontario Institute
Sally Shortall Queen’s University Belfast
Brent Steel Oregon State University
Lourdes Viladomiu Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Matteo Vittuari Università di Bologna
Kelly Vodden Memorial University
Deatra Walsh Labour Market Programs Specialist with the Government of Nunavut
Bruce Weber Oregon State University

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