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Presentation by: Richard Nyiawung & Dr. Paul Foley(Rural Governance Network Members)

Conference: 3rd World Small-Scale Fisheries Conferences, Chiang Mai Thailand, 22 -26, October, 2018 Presentation Topic: Examining New Environmental Governance Initiatives for Developing Country Small-Scale Fisheries: Fishery Improvement Projects in the African Context. Click Here for...


Research and Policy Briefs Series: Refugee Mental Health Practice in Rural Communities: Understanding Cross-Cultural Differences

Author: Lavan Kandiah, University of Guelph Biography Lavan Kandiah is a M.Sc. candidate in Capacity Development and Extension (International Development) at the University of Guelph. His research interests lie in international geopolitics,political and power...


Research and Policy Briefs Series:Refugees Discuss their Settlement Experience in New Brunswick

Author: Mikael Hellstrom (MMIRA Network Member) Introduction New Brunswick is the only province in Canada with a declining population. The provincial government considers this demographic issue a primary concern  (Government of New Brunswick, 2014)...