FAQs about the RPLC 

The RPLC is a “partnership” grant (as opposed to a research grant) that is funded by SSHRC. A major objective of these types of grants is to establish working relationships among institutional and individual partners who are working to similar objectives. In our case this objective (among others) is to facilitate and develop better policy for rural and northern places. We feel this is best done through research and education of a comparative nature. It also requires communication which is engaging, informative, and inspiring.

We also have about 60 founding individual partners who are involved in the network. These include researchers, policy-makers, practitioners, students, business people, and citizens. Our relationships with them vary from the very formal (e.g. co-applicants or collaborators according to SSHRC requirements) to very informal where people contribute as they can and we provide information and services as best we can. The basic operating principle is that if someone makes a contribution, they get access to our resources.

The RPLC had 30 types of partners at the beginning: mostly university and colleges, but including some NGOs. We hope to expand these partners to include municipalities, businesses, media, and other organizations with an interest in rural and northern issues. The nature of these partnerships is open for discussion and adaptation according to the type of organization and its institutional requirements.

A more formal relationship might be established if a group or organization wished us to make a specific commitment of time or resources to one of its objectives. For example, one might wish to compare how rural places in other countries have met the challenges they face and would like us to provide some contacts, information, and/or financing toward such an initiative. In this case, this may mean creating a more formal proposal for such a joint venture – which we would consider and act on according to our assessment of its value for our objectives. Any agreement we establish would outline our mutual objectives, obligations, and contributions in a more formal manner.

We also have formal partnerships of a more open and ongoing nature with some of our institutional partners. These are typically manifested as MOUs with those organizations affirming our mutual objectives, contributions, and obligations, but they are formulated in more general terms than specific joint activities. The MOUs we have signed typically confirm the common objectives in general terms and identify the commitments in terms of time, space, money, or other in-kind contributions that are made to the RPLC objectives. They also spell out the ways in which the RPLC will contribute to the organization.

Updates can be found here on the RPLC website. If you require more information, please get in touch with Sarah Woods.


FAQs about Conferences and Workshops

The RPLC Policy Fora team receives applications for funding support from individuals, groups, or event organizers. We do not have a large budget, so have decided to provide small supplemental amounts to many applicants rather than large amounts to only a few. Normally, fund allocations do not exceed $2,000. Priority is given to individuals who have an active role in the event (e.g. presenter) and those with limited access to alternative funding sources (e.g. students, volunteers, fledgling or marginalized NGOs). The application form can be retrieved from this link and it can be submitted to the Fora Team Lead via rplc-capr@brandonu.ca.

Several other RPLC Teams also have funds for events and activities which contribute to their objectives. If you feel your activity might support those objectives we invite you to contact the Team Lead directly with your proposal via rplc-capr@brandonu.ca. Include a clear statement of the team(s) to which your proposal is relevant and a rationale regarding how it contributes to the team objectives.

Link to rural policy fund request form.


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