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The Rural Policy Learning Commons’ network is available to anyone interested in comparative rural policy and who would like to connect with researchers and those knowledgeable on specific topics. Our members are students, institutes, policy makers and practitioners, and community members. We have developed a system of profiles to better serve our network and those who are interested in rural topics. Here, you can find information about members of RPLC, their institutes, recent and current research, future plans, and other research interests relevant to the following Teams. Please feel free to contact any of our members if you have further questions about their research.

Policy Theme Teams

Research and policy activities within the RPLC are guided by systematically testing and advancing comparative policy analyses applied to pressing rural and northern policy challenges and opportunities. Teams of participants have been assembled to consider themes of relevance to rural and northern places, and prepare reports on current research insights and policy responses related to the theme; propose actions to the Knowledge Mobilization Teams that will mobilize this knowledge within researcher, policy, practitioner, and public contexts; and propose future directions for research and education.

Knowledge Mobilization Teams

The role of the Knowledge Mobilization Teams is to design and support activities for the mobilization of knowledge from the Theme Teams, engage partners and the general public regarding the themes, and assess policy options relevant to the themes.

Team List

General Inquiries: rplc-capr@brandonu.ca

Secretariat Team

Bill AshtonManager ashtonw@brandonu.ca
Bill ReimerDirectorBill.Reimer@concordia.ca
Wayne KellyProject CoordinatorKellyW@brandonU.ca


Liaison Officers

Michael BlatherwickBrandon Universityblatherwickm@brandonu.ca
Sarah WoodsBrandon Universitywoodss@brandonu.ca
Marco Pagani Università di Bologna, UNIBOmarkpagani@gmail.com


Team Leads and Supports

TeamLeadTeam Support
Human Capital and Migration ThemePhilomena deLima (Philomena.deLima@inverness.uhi.ac.uk) Linamar Ekiwatzin (linimarcamposf@outlook.com)
Natural Resources Development ThemeTerri MacDonald (TMacDonald@selkirk.ca) Sarah Breen (sbreen@selkirk.ca)
Transformations in Indigenous CommunitiesMark Watson (mark.watson@concordia.ca)Sarah Breitkreutz (sara.h.breitkreutz@gmail.com)
Governance ThemeKathleen Kevany (kkevany@dal.ca) Sarah Minnes (sminnes@grenfell.mun.ca)
Infrastructure and Services ThemeSean Markey (spmarkey@sfu.ca)
Research and Exchanges ActivitiesTom Johnson (johnsontg@missouri.edu)
Institutes ActivitiesPhil Loring (phil.loring@usask.ca) Sam Norlin (stnorlin@alaska.edu)
Policy Fora ActivitiesRyan Gibson (Ryan.Gibson@smu.ca) Logan Horrocks (dakotahorrocks@gmail.com)
Distance Learning ActivitiesBrent Steel (bsteel@oregonstate.edu) Sasha Buylova (buylovaa@oregonstsate.edu)
Publications ActivitiesMatteo Vittuari (matteo.vittuari@unibo.it) Marco Pagani (markpagani@gmail.com)
Digital Information Hub ActivitiesKen Coates (ken.coates@usask.ca)Cale Passmore (cale.passmore@gmail.com)
Social MediaBojan Furst (bfurst@mun.ca)
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