LEAD – Valencia Gaspard, Gaspardv@uoguelph.ca
CO-LEAD – Sarah-Patricia Breen, sarahpatriciabreen@hotmail.com

The Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation (CRRF) was established in 1989 to contribute to the revitalization and sustainability of rural Canada through collaborative research for rural leaders in the community, private sector, and in all levels of government. CRRF works to create credible insights and to improve our understanding of issues and opportunities that are of common interest to rural residents across Canada. Knowledge and better understanding are the fundamental pillars for the welfare of rural communities and environments.

CRRF is an organization comprised of members from across Canada, with diverse international links, representing rural leaders, rural organizations, development practitioners, government policy makers, researchers, students, and other stake- holders interested in the future of rural Canada. CRRF explores a diversity of issues, ranging from rural health and social pro- vision, local and regional economies, local government and community governance, education, organization development, environmental management and stewardship, and many others facets of life and livelihood in rural Canada. Each year CRRF co-hosts a national conference to share lessons learned, research findings, and discuss key rural issues. In addition to the national conference, CRRF hosts and participates in workshops, forums, and symposia to advance rural issues in Canada.

For more information about CRRF visit: www.crrf.ca.

2018 CRRF – Call for Contributions for the Health & Shared Prosperity Conference


The 2018 Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation Conference is all about bringing together practitioners, policy makers, community leaders, and researchers interested in rural issues. This conference is a unique opportunity to share your own successes, learn from a diverse group of individuals, and hear the latest on issues that matter to communities and people who call rural Canada home. Conference subthemes include: Accessing Health, Feeding Success, Prosperous Labour Forces, Sharing Prosperity, and Eco-Health.

The conference organizing committee is accepting abstracts for oral presentations, panels, capacity building sessions, and posters for the upcoming conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan from October 9-12, 2018. Visit http://saskatoon2018.crrf.ca/call-for-contributions/ for more details about the call, and to submit your application.

Website: http://saskatoon2018.crrf.ca/

The State of Rural Canada

The State of Rural Canada is an initiative of the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation – supported by the Rural Policy Learning Commons and the Rural Development Institute, Brandon University.

For more information, click on the links below or visit the website: http://sorc.crrf.ca/

2015 State of Rural Canada

2017 SORC – Mapping Rural Innovation


Recordings of all of our webinars can be found on the RPLC YouTube channel.  Visit the site to see all of the rural related webinars or check out some of the presentations from the 2017 CRRF Conference: Different by Design, Nelson, BC.

  • 2017.09.22 – 2017 CRRF- Présentation de la Conférence FCRR 2017: Christopher Horsetief. Video
  • 2017.09.22 – 2017 CRRF- Keynote Speaker: Christopher Horsethief – Reconciliation in the Age of Reconciliation. Video
  • 2017.09.22 – 2017 CRRF- Exploring Rural Precarious Employment: The Case of Ontario, Valencia Gaspard, Ray Bollman. Video
  • 2017.09.22 – 2017 CRRF- Dependency at a Distance: Implications of Workforce Mobility for Community Resilience- PART 2, Kelly Vodden, Heather Hall, Leanna Butters, Doug Lionais. Video
  • 2017.09.22 – 2017 CRRF- Dependency at a Distance: Implications of Workforce Mobility for Community Resilience- PART 1, Heather Hall, Kelly Vodden, Sean Markey, Sarah Dorow. Video
  • 2017.09.21 – 2017 CRRF- Why Community-Based Poverty Reduction Makes Good Sense, Nadine Raynolds, Jan Morton, Anna Purcell, Kerri Wall, Jill Zacharias. Video
  • 2017.09.21 – 2017 CRRF- Working Together to Build a Regional Innovation Ecosystem in Non-Metropolitan Areas: BC Insights, Terri MacDonald, Rhys Andrews, Erin Handy, Jennifer Tedman-Jones, Amber Hayes, John Freshie. Video
  • 2017.09.21 – 2017 CRRF- Rural Workforce Development, Adena Brons. Video
  • 2017.09.21 – 2017 CRRF- Présentation de la Conférence FCRR 2017: Bryan Fry, Bryan Fry. Video
  • 2017.09.21 – 2017 CRRF- Keynote Speaker: Bryan Fry – Canada’s Fourth Industrial Revolution. Video
  • 2017.09.21 – 2017 CRRF- Opening Keynote Panel: Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Economic Development, Heather Hall, Tjaart Van Den Berg, Terry Van Horn. Video

RURAL ROUTES PODCASTS: related to RPLC-CRRF Alliance Network

Rural Routes is a Leslie Harris Centre of Regional Policy and Development and Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation initiative. This show is supported through a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Connection grant.

For more episodes on a variety of rural issues, please visit: http://ruralroutespodcasts.com