Ryan Gibson

Assistant Professor, Department of Geography and Environmental Studies
Saint Mary’s University

  • Examination of Collaborative Governance in Rural Regions
  • Exploring Regionalism in the Burin Peninsula
  • Land-use Planning
  • Mutual Intercultural Relations in Plural Societies
  • Network Weaving for Regional Development on the Tip of the Great Northern Peninsula
  • Rural Immigration in the Northeast Avalon
  • Scan of Community Foundations in Manitoba

  • Understanding Rural Regional Governance
  • Canadian Regional Development: A Critical Review of Theory, Practice and Potentials
  • The Influence of Lines on Collaboration: Cross Jurisdictional Collaboration in Canada and the Implications for Labrador
  • Philanthropy as a Vehicle for Regional Development
  • Place Peripheral
  • Sustainable Drinking Water in Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Rural Vibrancy in Ireland and Nova Scotia
  • Human Development in the Provincial North
  • Social Innovation in Atlantic Canada

  • Human Capital and Migration


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