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Regional Solutions for Rural and Urban Challenges
December 17th, 2019 @ 12pm CST
Presenter: Brian Dabson

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2019.11.25 Polanyian Protective Countermovements: The Case of Organic Producers in Canada, Marc-Antoine Larrivée, Video, PowerPoint

2019.11.19 Bridging Place and Policy in Divisive Times, Ashleigh Weeden, Video, PowerPoint

2019.11.18 Getting a Fair Share: Designing Fiscal Regimes for Impact Benefit Agreements, Cameron Gunton, Joshua Batson, Dr. Tom Gunton, Sean Markey & Dan Dal, Video, PowerPoint

2019.10.21 Nurturing Ethics in Governance: Taming Our Rascals Within, Dr. Peter Apedaile, Video, PowerPoint

2019.06.19 The Theory, Practice and Potential of Regional Development: Key Learnings & Policy Recommendations, David J.A. Douglas, Ryan Gibson, Sean Markey, Sarah Minnes, Bill Reimer and Kelly Vodden, Video, PowerPoint

2019.05.08 Polycentric Governance in Climate Change Policies, Lissel Hernandez-Gongora, Video, PowerPoint

2019.04.10 Governance in Rural Contexts: Concepts & Challenges, Dr. Brendan O’Keeffe, David J.A. Douglas & Dr. Francisco Navarro, Video, PowerPoint

2019.03.19 What’s the Evidence on Evidence-Based Policy? Reflections on Knowledge Mobilization in Provincial Rural Policy, Ashleigh Weeden, VideoPowerPoint

2019.02.28 A Collaborative Approach to Recruitment and Retention of Registered Nurses in Rural Manitoba, Canada: Outcomes and Policy Implications, Catherine Baxter and Lori Fontaine, Video, PowerPoint

2019.02.21 Service Provision and Rural Sustainability: Infrastructure and Innovation, Sean Connelly, Greg Halseth, Neil Hanlon, Sean Markey and Laura Ryser, Video, PowerPoint

2019.01.22 Good Governance in Practice: Examples from the Co-operative Sector
Kyle White, Video, PowerPoint

2018.11.21 Mapping Historic Sites In Rural Manitoba: Development, Themes, And Applications, Dr. Gordon Goldsborough, Video, PowerPoint

2018.11.08 2018 CRRF Plenary Session – Community Navigators, John McArthur, Video

2018.11.08 2018 CRRF Plenary Panel – Rural Mental Health, Karen Dyck, Megz Reynolds, & Lois Berry, Video

2018.11.08 2018 CRRF Rural Labour Force Development, Audra Krueger, Mikael Hellstrom, Laurie Brinklow, & Rick Williams, Video

2018.11.08 2018 CRRF Is Rural Youth Outmigration a Problem? Karen Foster, Hannah Main, & Ray D. Bollman, Video

2018.11.08 2018 CRRF Rural Health, Mikael Hellstrom, Catherine Cosgrave, Bonita Beatty, & Reyhaneh Golestani, Video

2018.11.08 2018 CRRF Tools for Rural Community Development, Danielle Robinson, Heidi Watson, Carol Bergum, & Kristin Catherwood, Video

2018.11.08 2018 CRRF Rural Resilience, Stephen Penner, Diane Looker, Stephanie Gariscsak, & Tracey Harvey, Video

2018.11.08 2018 CRRF Lunch Keynotes: Farming and the Rural Economy: The Past, Present, and Future, Darrin Qualman, Video

2018.11.08 2018 CRRF Putting Rural on the Agenda: The Prominence and Priority of Rural Issues and Opportunities in Policy Making, Sarah Minnes, Matteo Vittuari, Patrick Leveque, Ryan Gibson, Jane Atterton, & Kristof Van Assche, Video

2018.11.08 2018 CRRF Panel – Canada in a Changing Climate: Rural and Remote Communities, Sean Manners, Kelly Vodden, & Amp Kipp, Video

2018.11.08 2018 CRRF Panel – Community Driven Research, Jen Budney, Emmy Neuls, Dr. Vivian Ramsden, Dr. Bonita Beatty, & Dr. Robert Patrick, Video 

2018.11.08 2018 CRRF Plenary Panel – Water Governance: A Prairie Perspective, Phil Loring, Helen Baulch, Lalita Bharadwa, Holly Annand, Sarah Breen, & Warrick Baijius, Video

2018.11.08 2018 CRRF Reconciliation and Rural Development, Neil Sasakamoose, Ray Orb, Chad Nilson, Charlotte Ross, & Heather Exner-Pirot, Video

2018.09.27 Transitioning to the New Rural Cannabis Economy, Tracey Harvey, Video, PowerPoint 

2018.10.04 Understanding Food Sovereignty and Policy Through a Community Lens: Food Systems in Rural and Indigenous Canada, Danielle Robinson & Stephen Penner, Video, PowerPoint 

2018.09.12 – Putting Rural on the Agenda: The Prominence and Priority of Rural Issues and Opportunities in Policy Making, Dr. Douglas Jackson-Smith, Norman Ragetlie and Sally Shortall, Video, PowerPoint

2018.08.29 –  Bringing the University to Rural Ontario: Brokering Campus & Community Engagement in Haliburton, Stephen Hill, Emily Amon & Jim Blake, Video, Powerpoint

2018.05.29 – Research Principles for Working with First Nations, Jonathan Swanson, Video, Powerpoint

2018.04.24 – Global Perspectives on Programmatic Solutions to Bridging the Digital Divide, Madison Pearson, April Heinrich, Video, Powerpoint

2018.04.11 – Lessons on Farmland Preservation near Growing Urban Regions from Oregon, Laura Schreiner, Video, Powerpoint

2018.03.22 – Rural Water Infrastructure, Sarah Breen, Paul Kraehling and Gerry Lahey, Video, Powerpoint

2018.03.21 – Forestry Skills: Thinking Beyond Current Paradigms, Philomena de Lima, Sarah Pohlschneider and Sarah-Patricia Breen, Video, Powerpoint

2018.03.14 – Eco-Assets for Rural Municipalities, Emanuel Machado and Michelle Moinar, Video, Powerpoint

2018.02.27 – Building Capacity for Rural Adaptation, Lauren Rethoret, Ingrid Liepa, Video, Powerpoint

2018.02.22 – Implications of Neglecting Transportation Policy in Remote Areas, Mesha Richard, Stephanie Hoffman, Meas Danok, Video, Powerpoint

2018.02.08 – Sustainable Rural Communities in an Era of Population Change, Mark Skinner, Video, Powerpoint

2018.01.29 – Hidden Participants and Unheard Voices: Gender, Age, and other Influences on Traditional Ecological Knowledge Research in the North
, Maaya Hitomi, Philip Loring. Video, Powerpoint

2018.01.25 – First Nations-Municipal Economic Development Initiative Helen Patterson and Marissa Lawrence, Video, Powerpoint

2018.01.18 – Social Enterprise: Building Opportunities, Darcy Penner, Dayna Lutes, and Kyle White. Video, Powerpoint

2017.12.06 – Manitoba Look North Series: Investment Ready, Ruth Mealy, Richard Pauls. Video, Powerpoint

2017.11.29 – Doing Community-Based Research: It’s a People Process ,  Greg Halseth, Laura Ryser.  VideoPowerpoint

2017.11.15 – Creating Sustainable Funding for Ecosytems and Watersheds,  Juliet Craig and Dr. Tara Lynne Clapp.  Video, Powerpoint

2017.11.02 – From Black Horses to White Steeds: Building Community Resilience, Dr. Laurie Brinklow and Dr. Ryan Gibson. Video, Powerpoint

2017.09.22 – 2017 CRRF- Présentation de la Conférence FCRR 2017: Christopher Horsetief. Video

2017.09.22 – 2017 CRRF- Keynote Speaker: Christopher Horsethief. Video

2017.09.22 – 2017 CRRF- Exploring Rural Precarious Employment: The Case of Ontario, Valencia Gaspard, Ray Bollman. Video

2017.09.22 – 2017 CRRF- Dependency at a Distance: Implications of Workforce Mobility for Community Resilience- PART 2, Kelly Vodden, Heather Hall, Leanna Butters, Doug Lionais. Video

2017.09.22 – 2017 CRRF- Dependency at a Distance: Implications of Workforce Mobility for Community Resilience- PART 1, Heather Hall, Kelly Vodden, Sean Markey, Sarah Dorow. Video

2017.09.21 – 2017 CRRF- Why Community-Based Poverty Reduction Makes Good Sense, Nadine Raynolds, Jan Morton, Anna Purcell, Kerri Wall, Jill Zacharias. Video

2017.09.21 – 2017 CRRF- Working Together to Build a Regional Innovation Ecosystem in Non-Metropolitan Areas: BC Insights, Terri MacDonald, Rhys Andrews, Erin Handy, Jennifer Tedman-Jones, Amber Hayes, John Freshie. Video

2017.09.21 – 2017 CRRF- Rural Workforce Development, Adena Brons. Video

2017.09.21 – 2017 CRRF- Présentation de la Conférence FCRR 2017: Bryan Fry, Bryan Fry. Video

2017.09.21 – 2017 CRRF- Keynote Speaker: Bryan Fry. Video

2017.09.21 – 2017 CRRF- Opening Keynote Panel: Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Economic Development, Heather Hall, Tjaart Van Den Berg, Terry Van Horn. Video

2017.09.18 – Manitoba Look North Webinar Series – Boom and Bust, Chuck Davidson and Kristof Van Assche. Video, PowerPoint

2017.09.12 – Examining Food Processing in Manitoba, Dr Gillian Richard. Video, PowerPoint

2017.09.06 – British Columbia’s Approach to Regional Government, Kelly Vodden, Robert Bish, Brain Walisser and Craig Pollett. Video, Presentation

2017.08.29 – Rural Competitiveness in Canada, Ray Bollman, Ruth Mealy, Sara Breen & Scott McCullough. Video

2017.08.08 – National Rural Development: The Role of the National Rural Network, Dr. Maura Farrell. Video

2017.06.14 – Quebec’s Approach to Regional Government: An Overview and Critical Reflections, Jean Dionne, Dr. Bruno Jean, Craig Pollett, Dr. Bill Reimer and Dr. Kelly Vodden. Video, PowerPoint

2017.05.17 – Youth Unemployment in Rural and Urban Canada, Dianne Looker, Ray Bollman. Video,

2017.05.24 – Entrepreneur and Investor Immigration in Canada, Kareem El-Assal. Video, PowerPoint

2017.04.26 – Integral Strategy in Community Engagement in Rural Alberta, Richard Pauls, David Forrest. Video,

2017.03.15 – Rural Knowledge Mobilization and Social Media, Bojan Furst, Shawna Reibling, Krista Jensen, Alisa Fullwood, Ryan Gibson, Michael Blatherwick. Video.

2017.02.22 – Consequences of  Rural Out-migration on Structural Changes in Agriculture  in Serbia , Natalija Bogdanov. Video, PowerPoint

2017.02.15 – Rural Scotland in Focus 2016: Informing rural policy in Scotland, Jane Atterton, Sarah Skerratt. Video, PowerPoint

2017.02.07 – Oil’s Rural Reach: Social and Environmental Impacts in Saskatchewan’s Oil Producing Areas, Emily Eaton. Video, PowerPoint

2017.01.24 – Achieving What’s Possible for the Agri-Food Sector: through the lens of strategically managing “Natural Capital”, David McInnes.  Video, PowerPoint

2016.12.14 – Food Waste in the EU: from Evidence to Policy Interventions, Matteo Vittuari, Paolo Azzurro.  Video, PowerPoint

2016.11.22 – The Hutterites in North America: Confronting the Digital Age, John Lehr. Video, PowerPoint

2016.10.06 – Diversity in Rural/Regional Australian Communities: Everyday Multiculturalism and Resilience in Bridging Difference, David Radford. Video, PowerPoint

2016.09.20 – The State of Rural Canada: Panel Discussion, Sean Markey, Simon Fraser University; Ryan Gibson, University of Guelph; Heather Hall, University of Saskatchewan; Al Lauzon, University of Guelph; Robert Greenwood, Memorial University; Chris Southcott, Lakehead University; William (Bill) Ashton, Rural Development Institute Brandon University., Video, PowerPoint

2016.08.04 – The Surprising Lives of Small Town Doctors: practicing medicine in rural Canada, Dr. Paul Dhillon. Video

2016.06.21 – Planning for Climate Change: an oxymoron?, Mike Sullivan & Gary Willson (PowerPoint), Henry David (Hank) Venema. (PowerPoint), Video

2016.06.15 – Geographies of Immobility: emotions and human rights of Latin-American seasonal agricultural workers in Quebec and their families., Linamar Campos Flores (PowerPoint), Video

2016.04.21 – Rural Youth Workforce Development: Policy and Practice, Ray Bollman (PowerPoint), Dianne Looker (PowerPoint), Sarah Breen (PowerPoint). Video

2016.04.06 – Advancing the Basin-Boundry Regional Food System, Lauren Rethoret (PowerPoint), Rachel Roussin (PowerPoint), Brent Mansfield (PowerPoint). Video

2016.03.30 – Centralized and Decentralized Police Systems: examining citizen trust, Grichawat Lowatcharin (PowerPoint), Judith Stallman. Video

2016.03.23 – Rural Labour Mobility: cohesion and social inclusion policy in Europe, Philomena de Lima (PowerPoint). Video

2016.03.10 – Farm Succession and Inheritance: an Irish perspective on policy and support programs, Tomas Russell (PowerPoint). Video

2016.02.04 – Remote Control: Lessons in Governance as a Resource for Rural and Remote Regions, Rob Greenwood (PowerPoint., Video

2016.01.27 – Canada’s Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program: Motivations of Mexican Workers, Lidia Carvajal (PowerPoint), Judith Stallman. Video

2015.10 – Improving dementia care in rural and small town settings: A view from Ontario, Rachel Herron. (PowerPoint)

2015.09 – Growing the Food Industry in Canada: Successful SMEsVideo, Jim Smith (PowerPoint), Tim Hore (PowerPoint)

2015.05 – Food Waste Policies and Practices: North America and the EU –  Video, Adbdel Felfel (PowerPoint), Dr. Matteo Vittuari. (PowerPoint)

2015.05 – Power Relations between Mayors and Councillors, Dr. Meir Serfaty- PowerPoint, Video

Quebec Rural Pollicy – follow up to Bill Reimer and Bruno Jean’s webinar on Quebec rural policy can be found here. Check it out!

2015.02 – Quebec’s Approach to Regional Development: An historical perspective, Bill Reimer, Bruno Jean. PowerPoint and Video

2015.02 – Dirt Roads and Highways: Reforming Municipal Governance and Government in Alberta, Lars Hallstrom, Naomi Finseth, PowerPointVideo

2014.12 – Manitoba’s Amalgamated Rural Region: A Step Forward?, Dr. Bill Ashton, PowerPointVideo

2014.12 – Manitoba’s Economic Structure and Trends: An Update, Ray Bollman, PowerPoint, Video

2014.11 – Mitigation of Agriculture Greenhouse Gases in the Livestock Industry: An International Perspective, James Breen (PowerPoint), Dr. Tim McAllister (PowerPoint), Video

2014.11 – Manitoba’s Rural Demography Structure and Trends: An update, Ray Bollman, PowerPoint, Video

2014.05 – Community Change: 6 Simple Rules in Evaluating Collective Impact. Mark Cabaj, PowerPointVideo

2014.04 – Innovative Social Enterprises in Rural Manitoba. Megan McKenzie and Robert Guilford (PowerPoint), Video

2014.03 – Recreation’s Role In community Resiliency. Jacquelyn Oncescu. PowerPoint, Video

2013.11 – Seven Strategies for Sustainable Community Futures, Bill Reimer. PowerPoint, Video.

2013.11 – Public Policy Implementation and its Implications, Lars Hallstrom, Charles Conteh. Video

2013.11 – Public Policy and Implementation in Canada – Rethinking the Implementation Gap, Lars Hallstrom. PowerPoint

2013.11 – Implementing Canada’s Rural Development Policy in a Knowledge – Based Economy, Charles Conteh. PowerPoint

2013.04 – Sustainable Rural Community Development: A comparative Study of Canada and Australia. John Martin. PowerPoint, Video.