Rural Routes is a Leslie Harris Centre of Regional Policy and Development and Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation initiative. This show is supported through a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Connection grant.

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S3E6 – Social enterprise and community development

S3E5- Social Enterprise and Community Development,

S3E5 – Rural Media,

S3E4 – Islands And Their Universities,

S3E3-The Country Mouse and The City Mouse,

S3E2- Community First Tourism Development,

S3E1- When work keps families apart,

S2E15 – Self-care: Rural doctors support each other,

S2E14 – Marijuana Legalization:

S2E13 – National Parks and Protected Areas – Pt.1:

S2E12 – Off the runway: rural fasion industry:

S2E11 – Opioid Crisis in Rural Canada – Pt. 2:

S2E10 – Opioid Crisis in Rural Canada – Pt. 1:

S2E9 – Fantasy Farming:

S2E8 – Christmas in Pang:

S2E7 – Communities on Ice:

S2E6 – The Future of Forestry:

S2E5 – Broadband Internet in Rural Canada:

S2E4 – Community Research with Sarah and Craig:

S2E3 – Food Waste Discussion with Matteo Vittuari:

S2E2 – Julie Bull on Research Ethics in Indigenous Communities:

S2E1 – Back to the Farm:

S1E15 – Community Development with Wendy Keats:

S1E14 – Rural Health with Lars Hallstrom:

S1E13 – Rural Immigration with Michael Haan:

S1E12 – Building Homes in Alaska:

S1E11 – Food Shopping with Catherine Mah:

S1E10 – On Writing Rural with Michael Crummey:

S1E9 – On Rural Libraries:

S1E8 – On Local Knowledge with Pam Hall:

S1E7 – Mining Legacy in the North:

S1E6 – Rural Immigration with Philomena de Lima:

S1E5 – Building a Community Foundation:

S1E4 – Getting Smarter About the Rural with Bill Reimer:

S1E3 – Rural Home and Childhood:

S1E2 – The Rural Soul of Canada:

S1E1  -State of Rural Canada: